Thursday, May 26, 2011

#149 - 10 Ways to Get Your Facebook Content "Liked" More

According to a new report from Buddy Media, Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines what shows up in users' News Feeds. In order to optimize your Facebook activity to get seen in News Feeds more often, which is obviously going to help with traffic, you’ve got to be diligent and creative.

The thousands of companies who follow the “Field of Dreams” (if you build it, they will come) theory of social media management are learning the hard way that it is merely a dream – a dream that will result in zero engagement and weaken the fan base.

Here are 10 tips that are already proven. By applying yourself and investing in the human capital necessary to create and maintain a robust Facebook presence, you’ll find that just like America’s top 10 brands, you too, can generate more traffic, more business and greater engagement through your Facebook page interactions.

  1. Ask plenty of questions (it’s free consumer research)
  2. Employ trivia, games and contests
  3. Interact with your fans; let no comment/post go unnoticed!
  4. Incorporate apps and applets (use the question key, polls or coupons)
  5. Incorporate more photos
  6. Talk about what’s in the news (relate to what people are talking about everywhere)
  7. Post videos, if applicable
  8. Imply a sense of urgency with time-sensitive material or campaigns
  9. Include a link within each status update – so fans can hit “share”
  10. Be explicit in every post (generic and general get you nowhere)


  1. Facebook is a great opportunity for small businesses looking for an environment that will allow their customers to shop as well as interact and engage with both the business and other customers.

  2. Social media marketing is not just something you can tap into, well not with any level of impact anyway. You really need someone experienced in the field if you are about to embark on a social media advertising campaign.

  3. Great tips as always. I use the Static FBML pages frequently. Question for you: What do you advise specifically for Business (Fan) Pages that do not use a personal (friend) profile associated with it?

  4. Social Media Management: What a great question! The truth is, the best (and Facebook's preferred) method is to create every page from a personal profile account. However, I have several clients who have chosen not to go this route. In these cases, I start the page, then set up management or marketing personnel as Admins on the Page. Later, after my training sessions are complete, I un-administrate myself from that page, making it free-standing. It is then no longer associated with a personal profile. Again, another reason why hiring a social media professional with a depth of experience with Facebook pages is always preferred, even if it's only for the first few months while a new page is established and populated. Too many companies are on FB without any idea of what they are really trying to accomplish there. I honestly think going into it without a Facebook "Strategy" is almost always a mistake. Would you agree?