Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 11 - The nation mourns a loss

I was barely conscious when I heard the sad news of Ted Kennedy's passing today. We knew this day was coming, of course, and yet I was filled with a profound sadness. He was an outstanding public servant, a consummate politician and a human being I related to. He, too, received a second chance (or two) in his life. I genuinely admired the man.

After watching the sad news, I fought with the computer for several hours in an attempt to complete an online web advertising certification course I've been taking. In this last tutorial, I am learning the basics of search engine optimization or SEO. It all comes down to choosing the absolute best keywords or search phrases fro your particular content, and registering your material properly with ALL the search engines. I am learning quickly just how to accomplish this in order to get articles prioritized higher in searches.

A textbook I've been waiting for finally arrived today. Hooray for Amazon! I'm reading "Groundswell - Winning in a world transformed by social technology," by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (of Forrester Research). I highly recommend this book to anyone working in marketing or mass communications. Social media is changing the way companies do business so fast that no one can keep up with it, let alone generate a textbook on the subject. Yet, here we have a current book that offers hard data, and demonstrates well the ways in which 25 companies are currently using social media. I'll have much to share on this subject in future posts. (I hope you'll want to learn a few new things along with me.)

I'm concluding with a quote from
Dan Millman's Everyday Enlightenment because it struck a chord with me :
"One of the strangest delusions many of us today still have is that it is good to love other people but bad to love ourselves. I suggest that the more you are able to see, love, and accept the one facing you in the mirror, the more you will be able to love others. If we are the same awareness shining through a billion separate forms, then all love begins with self-love. For the heart to awaken, it cannot exclude a single soul, including you.”

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