Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 3 - School starts tomorrow!

It's official. Fall classes start at MSU tomorrow morning. My first class meets in the evening from 6 - 9 pm; this is one I am genuinely excited about. It's the first session for my Comprehensive Project - the capstone research that will ultimately serve as my thesis. It's the final course each grad student must take in the department of Journalism and Mass Communications just prior to graduation. I've been working on its proposal for nearly six months (as a part-time student). I plan to share details here as soon as the project outline and vehicle are approved by the Review Board. Before this semester is out, I should be able to share some intriguing results. I can supply a hint: there is a new piece of technology making a dramatic impact on the mass media right now, yet little is known about exactly how it is being used day-to-day. I intend to investigate!

Clearly, I am new to blogging, and have been feeling my way in these early posts. So far, I've learned that I must keep my posts much shorter - and endeavor to be either informative or entertaining. It's tempting to just unload the events of the day here. That's an urge I will try hard to ignore.

What this Back to school - Again blog is really about is inspiration, education and life change. I am compelled to write simply because my own life is in the throes of major change - and for the better! Perhaps sharing my daily experiences and challenges (with a positive or humorous slant) might help another. Education is a great way for anyone to start affecting change. I highly recommend it. You don't need to be seeking a degree, but merely looking to learn something, anything new. So, take a class - any class!

I plan to share entertaining anecdotes about campus life, informative details about specific happenings on this beautiful campus in Western Kentucky, and a few helpful ideas to make going back to school the best possible experience - at any age. Finally, it is my goal to lend encouragement and support to anyone open to learning new things, growing as a person, embracing change and enjoying life. Shouldn't that be all of us?

I'm open to feedback, comments, requests, and I'll be happy to answer your questions. Just put them in the comments section below. Ask what you want to know and if I don't have an answer, I'll research it or try to find someone on campus who does know.

Tune in tomorrow for my actual first day as a full-time grad student.



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