Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 31 - Moving and grooving

In yesterday's post I covered a few of the challenges we non-traditional college students face. Later last night, I couldn't help but dream about the ways this campus could support our unique section of the student body - and help to recruit new students at the same time. I'm developing a list of ideas, and I want your input. What about creating an online community or an informational "wiki" where all the non-traditionals can support one another, find one another and trade information? I am sure the administration would be open to supporting campus services that make college life feasible for more students if we ask for them.

Whether you are a friend, a current student or just someone considering going back to school, this is a great place to start talking about it. Just click on "comment" below. The truth is, an effective blog is more of a conversation between readers than the posts of one author. I'll be the first to admit that I am in the middle of the learning curve. For the past 30 days, as I've explored social media, I've also toured the blogosphere in particular. I'm trying to find my voice. Have you found yours?

Isn't it time you weighed in here? Together, we could turn this into something of value to students, their families, and anyone interested in higher education. If you missed yesterday's post, please give it a read and let us all know what ideas, thoughts or questions it brought to mind. Thanks!

The news in brief
On a personal note, the mid-day yoga class at Carr health was jam-packed today, thanks to a nice article in last week's edition of the MSU News. I may never live down those photos, but I'm always happy to do my part...!

I just learned that I was cast in the upcoming play, The Way Home. The big surprise is that I'll be playing a newspaper reporter, which certainly suits the journalist (and the actress) in me. I heartily recommend this show to Murray residents and MSU students. It's a beautiful, moving story scheduled for a single performance at the Wrather Theatre on Sunday, October 25 at 2:00 pm. Written by celebrated local author, Constance Alexander, The Way Home is directed by Laynie Mitchell. Be sure to check here for details on how to get tickets (in a future post). Keep in mind that seating will be limited.

Ciao for now!


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