Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 33 - What's your passion?

Has someone told you recently to “Keep an eye on the prize?” I've been thinking about why this isn't always such a good idea. When you keep your eyes strictly on an end - a goal - you risk crashing into things along the way. If you really want to get ahead in life, just focus on your path. If there is on thing I've learned through my rather rough life's ride, it's that happiness comes from "choosing" to enjoy the journey, not focusing on the destination. I mean, we all know how this ultimately ends, right?

So, the next time work, classes, family or other situations leave you over-stressed, just take a moment. Check closely to see if you are not way too worried about the results. You can choose to think a different thought. Just take a deep breath and go back to being yourself - better.

We all Need Others To Love What We're Doing ...and That's OK

No matter how deeply you care; no matter how in sync you are with the world, you cannot do it all alone. We all need support in order to reach our dreams whatever they may be. In recent years, I've found support in the most unexpected places, and when I least expect it. Perhaps, this is simply because I have decided to be happy.

I was inspired this past July by a movie I saw, the surprise hit Julie & Julia. Julia Child was a maverick. The daughter of a well-to-do American family. She grew up in such a different time from me, yet I related to her struggles. When she was young, girls like her were expected to marry men from "good" families, have kids, and do what the other young wives did: golf, tennis, lunch, volunteer, and whatnot. When Julia Child (finally) did marry, did she settle down? Absolutely not. Instead of having babies, she decided to go to cooking school and learn classic French cuisine! Even other Americans living in France at the time thought she was nuts. Why would she pursue cooking of all things...that was what the domestic help was for (don't we wish). We can laugh now, but it was a different era.

Julia's husband, Paul, a decidedly unconventional man himself, encouraged her to pursue her passion. In fact, Paul Child was a key contributor to Julia's book, taking photographs and helping to edit the massive manuscript that was to become
Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Julia also found support from an unexpected editor friend, Judith Jones at Knopf, who immediately understood Julia's vision. She championed the book in the US and helped get that first edition to press.

Lesson: If you are a student with a dream, a small business owner who wants to make a difference, an inventor with a bright idea or anyone who DESIRES to create, you will need at least one devoted fan to help get you there. That person likely already exists for you. Just relax and think about it, and you'll find your cheerleader.

The Bottom Line
If you, like me, care about leaving this world a slightly better place, then let's follow Julia's example and make a commitment to follow our passions in whatever way possible for us. There's no guarantee any of us will have a hit on our hands, but I know we can't make a difference if our ideas never see daylight. We can't make a difference doing anything if our heart isn't in it. It took me nearly 30 years to learn that hard lesson, and if I can save someone else some pain, I must try.

Someone asked me recently why I chose to start blogging. For a moment, I was completely stumped. I slowly answered, "well, I am just doing this ...for me." I am a passionate, caring woman and I had to follow my passion - communicating, creating, working with words... talking to people. Six months after seeing a movie that made a real difference in my life, I am starting to feel like a blogger, like someone who can and does make a difference. . My goal? I wish to put something out there in the world ....that leaves it with a little more love. So, in reality, my reason for blogging is my reason for being.

What's your passion? I can't wait
to hear about it.

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