Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 57 - Should employers prohibit use of social media?

Does your boss really care if you're on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace?
In the news today is a report from Robert Half Technology
indicating that over half of corporate managers do not allow employees to visit social networking sites - for any reason - while they're at work. The information comes from a survey of 1,400 US companies with 100 or more employees.

Granted, it's only 1,400 companies, but this likely presents a picture of the divide in corporate America on this topic. I believe the percentage of businesses prohibiting social network use will soon decrease as more CEOs figure out the benefits of allowing social media use for business purposes. More and more companies will understand that they can measure return on investment (ROI) very effectively by employing social media. They can also engage vocal consumers and turn them into their companies' best evangelists. These are good reasons for employees to get involved. Better yet, I am hopeful that larger companies will create a new marketing position - the SMO or Social Media Officer - someone who can fully engage with social media on a full-time basis and manage the employee "Intranet." This person would strike a balance between what is perceived as wasting time on social media and using it to promote corporate goals.

And the winner is...
It's been a very interesting week in the world. The top news story, of course, being that President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. If you listen to TV news, you would think that he won, basically, for not being George Bush. I found an online poll in which 85% of respondents said the award was undeserved. Yet, clearly, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to spur a peaceful momentum in the past. Why can't this be the case today? I, for one, am proud that the world sees America in a far better light as a result of our President's diplomatic efforts. I'm happy for us. It would have been nice if the talking heads would have rejoiced (even a little bit) over this recognition of our leader. Isn't anything that fosters world peace a good thing? As usual, the same few conservative wingnuts wouldn't let the president (or the country) catch a break.

C'mon people. I refuse to give up hope that we will one day start to pull together - as Americans.

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