Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 66 - Holding it together

Have you heard about this 2012 craze people are talking about? Yes, the one where the world is ending in 2012. It is amazing to me that a prophecy like this has become so mainstream it is being parodied in YouTube videos and on sketch comedies. Stranger still is the fact that these times we are in now may actually have been foreseen by the Mayans, the Tibetans and the Hopis. They are actually happening the same as if scripted by Spielberg - or human DNA.

Climate change is definitely happening. Volcanoes are erupting; tsunamis are sweeping away parts of Malaysia; the world economy has neared a collapse, and all of it is right on schedule - according to several ancient prophecies. Hollywood is all over the phenomenon with several apocalyptic movies coming to a theater near you, starting with "2012." This film promises to be another big budget special effects thrill-ride. (Check out the 4-minute trailer on YouTube, if you dare. It's actually pretty good.)

It would be easy to laugh at the absurdity of all this if it weren't for that pesky feeling I tend to get every now and then, and especially on a day like today - the feeling that everything is about to fall apart. For example, we've all had "one of those days." I could not find a parking space, read the wrong textbook for a class, arrived late for yoga, the JMC computer I desperately needed locked me out (after a lengthy struggle, I found out the correct software isn't even loaded).

Truth is, most days, I'm just trying to hold it together, moving forward one step at a time, with duct tape, glue and a prayer as my constant companions. Do I think the world is ending in December of 2012? Not a chance! (I hope you agree.) But, every now and again, it makes you wonder.

Fun fact

When JFK gave his famous speech at the Berlin Wall, he proudly proclaimed, "Ich bin ein Berliner." Or, "I am a Berliner." Did you know that at the time this line made all of Germany smile for reasons other than what most of us think? Turns out, a Berliner was also the name of Germany's most famous sugar coated jelly-donut, a popular pastry back then. To the Germans, all Kennedy was saying was "I am a jelly donut!"

Sometimes, I think we all are just jelly donuts.

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