Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 68 - Why don’t more women blog?

Approximately 74% of bloggers today are men. I had no idea I was in the minority! As a relative newcomer to blogging, I wonder, what’s holding women back? Surely, many of us have something to say. In general, aren't women the better communicators? We certainly talk more than men (sorry, if that sounds sexist). No, women are not generating blog content to the degree than men are. Could it be that women are intimidated? Blogging is work, but it is so rewarding. I recommend it for anyone who has knowledge or opinions they wish to share.

On the flipside, women dominate in other social media. A report compiled by Google Ad Planner shows that equal numbers of men and women are now using sites like
LinkedIn, DeviantArt and YouTube.

When it comes to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, MySpace and Bebo, the women far outnumber men. In fact, there’s only one major holdout for women and the social web and that's the social news site Digg, where 64% of users are reportedly male. (I personally use Digg every day, ladies. It rocks.)

That the Digg population is largely male comes as no real surprise, but what about these other numbers? Are women more social but less confident in their ability to generate content or is there some other explanation?

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