Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 70 - When you’re the only one who cares about your blog

I’ve heard that it’s lonely at the top. I know that it can also be lonely at the blog site. We face a lot of obstacles here, from serving as the lone advocate for an invisible community to feverishly fighting for readers in a battle that no one sees. This work can take you to task.

If you blog for a company, you can hope to develop an internal support system. Many managers pay lip service to a blog initiative and mention its importance from time-to-time, but the larger percentage of people in your office won’t understand what you (the blogger) are working on, what it entails and for that matter, HOW to support you in it.

If this is something you allow yourself to think about, it can consume you. Be cautious. And depending on how well the blog is delivering results, you may easily become apathetic, begin to hate what you do, or simply get bogged down and let the blog die a slow death. All of this can happen in a week, or in a matter of hours.

Encouragement for other bloggers-to-be:

Keep Caring. You have a job to do and you will make a commitment to your blog community. If you are passionate about it, maintaining a level of care and concern, you can make it great and it will move forward.

Spread the Word. Talk up your blog to others on campus or in the company you work for every chance you get. Share stories about your posts. Forward comments and links to blog posts (include photos if you can). Heck, go all out and create a laundry list of your post titles and send them to people you know in an email. If your blog has decent content, people will read it.

Talk to other bloggers. This, I can’t stress enough. Read other blogs. You have to share your experiences and find people who can relate to the issues you're discussing. Talk to me, I am always up for a chat; I respond to all comments!

Know when to walk away. If you start thinking about your blog 24/7, then it's time to do a reality check. I’ve been there and honestly, I might still be there. But we have to seek a balance. It can be hard if you’re doing everything on your own, but at some point, it's time to take the S off your chest.

Remember, we can all use a little more of the real-world from time-to-time!

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