Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 91 - The road less traveled

I read several blogs this morning dedicated to issues about the environment and sustainability. In a particularly appealing entry, one author at Operation Sustainable characterized human habits as “roads.”

This is a simple concept that I really like. Established habits are easy to travel. They are well-used and well worn. But it’s time for us all to take the road less traveled when it comes to caring for our planet. Changing actions, thoughts and habits means navigating through uncharted territory. More and more, it seems that today’s well-traveled roads are not as perfect as we once believed. The experts say that it takes about a month of effort to solidify a new habit. This makes sense. New roads require building after all; they take patience and resourcefulness, even with little things like remembering to bring our own grocery bags anytime we make a trip to the store.

When it comes to the environment, we need to think about how we can shrink our individual footprints, and we can do it by taking small steps down new roads. We should all be on the recycling bandwagon by now. Consider making your next new car a hybrid. Baby steps.

We live in a world where there are many well-traveled roads. Roads that seem simpler and seem more efficient but which, in truth, are gigantically wasteful. These roads feel very natural to us … but are they? Or, are they just familiar? Getting off the well worn road just means changing a few habits, and that requires attention and effort.

When the road is less established, choosing to travel it makes it easier for those who follow… And the destination—a world of increased health, social responsibility, financial efficiency and stronger local communities—is certainly worth finding our way to.

You won't believe it's not broadband.

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