Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 95 - The Class of 2009... and Jobs

Here's the good news - Hiring for new college graduates is expected to remain steady in 2010. And, the bad news - Hiring for new college graduates is expected to remain steady in 2010. This news comes after new hires plummeted in 2009 by 35 to 40 percent, according to a major annual survey of companies.

Hang on to those killer resumes about-to-be grads, things are about to get even more competitive. The findings in the new survey, Recruiting Trends 2009-2010, were released early this week based on responses from more than 1,800 employers. The report includes jobs for students completing both undergraduate and graduate degrees, though the bulk of hiring projected is for bachelor's-degree holders.

Only 27 percent of respondents said they had "definite" plans to hire new grads, a much lower percentage than last year. Although companies may have felt more confident about 2009, they scaled back on hiring by 8 percent more than they had expected. In other words, the scale of the economic crisis was not yet clear when the last survey was conducted.

For 2010, employers are looking for flexibility in all new hires. As they search for new revenue opportunities, they need students with an entrepreneurial bent who place a premium on critical thinking. Since long-term work force needs are uncertain, employers say they want students with broad strengths who can fill a range of positions. Skills may pay off more than your degree at the moment, but hang in there, the turnaround is not that far off.

Demand in traditionally growing fields, like engineering and accounting, has dropped. Meanwhile, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, health care (nurses are still in demand) and environmental sciences are becoming much stronger areas.

Take heart fellow graduates-to-be! The economy is slowly recovering. Maintain that flexible attitude and positive spirit. Be confident that your education is still your best asset for coping in this job market.

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