Sunday, August 7, 2011

#151 - 10 Reasons You Need a Great Website...Right Now!

Whether you are a car dealer, architect, doctor, consultant, farmer or home builder, whatever business you're in, you simply cannot be effective in the digital age without a great website. Here’s what an effective, professionally crafted website really means to your bottom line:

1. Saving money on advertising.
2. Making money via an on-line store or order placement site.
3. Enjoying easy access to change your content.
4. Saving money on postage.
5. Gaining exposure to new local and global prospects.
6. Having a professional, relevant image in today’s marketplace.
7. Saving time (by providing information your prospects need).
8. Automating business.
9. Providing better customer service.
10. Tracking potential customers and all results from online advertising.

10 Reasons ETC Should Design Your Site

1. Free consultation to discuss your online needs.
2. Your website up and running within 20 days.
3. A professional team that speaks plain English, NOT just technical jargon.
4. A site that is professionally designed, not cheesy or amateurish.
5. Free images.
6. Access to the resources you need and the expertise of seasoned professionals.
7. FREE updates for 30 days while you refine your image and the overall site.
8. Access to website statistics.
9. Email set-up and access so you can generate email lists from your site.
10. FREE Planning and implementation.

BONUS - FREE Submission to the top 5 Search Engines
Have you recently started your own company or consultancy? ETC offers expert design services ranging from $500 - $3,500, depending upon complexity, hosting and maintenance requirements. Call us at 270-227-9790 when you’re ready to engage a true business partner who has your budget and your best interests at heart!


  1. If you DO decide to have a website built: make sure that the designer has the right skills and knowledge to make your website as effective as possible.

  2. Dear Social Media for Churches - What a great point! Thank you. Always be sure you see a wide variety of samples of your designer's work up front. It's also perfectly reasonable to ask for references and call them to see what other's company's experiences with the designer or design firm were like! Great comment. - ETC