Sunday, January 29, 2012

#160: Guest Post - Do you choose Social Media as your primary source of news today? You may be surprised to learn just how many people do!

By Abigail Goss
Eighteen hours a week. That’s how much time I spend in classrooms. I also work 15 hours a week at two part-time jobs. Somewhere in there, I eat, sleep and do college-kid-type things. I wish I had time to lazily read a newspaper everyday or sit at my computer and read any’s article. The reality is that I can’t. Can you?
           It would be easy to simply hide in this collegiate world, but I choose not to. As a student immersed in journalism and mass communications every day, I am driven to keep up with what is going on in the world. I depend on Twitter for my news and follow the Associated Press, CNN, CBS, Fox News and any other news source I can find – reading the headlines – every single day.
            Social media as a news source has been beneficial to me. I get my news the way I need it – which is fast. Twitter is the most efficient source of headlines, and as a very busy student, I prefer it. Where do you get your news these days? 
           The comments section is open!
Abigail Goss is a junior in the journalism and mass communications department at Murray State University. She is pursuing a major in public relations and a minor in advertising. Abigail enjoys working out, writing and a great cup of coffee. When she graduates in May 2012, she hopes to find her dream job in the Nashville area at a dynamic PR firm.

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