Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 6 - Paying the piper

What a beautiful day it was in Western Kentucky! Blue skies and sunshine were in abundance; temperatures, although warm, were still unseasonably cool for the time of year and the humidity was low. The MSU campus never looked better to me.

I spent today taking care of business...making the trek to the Bursar's office, waiting in line, and paying that tuition bill. Yes, I borrowed the funds used to pay the piper today, yet I feel incredibly blessed to be here and to be able to tackle this semester as a full-time student. I walked a couple of miles in the sunshine taking care of matters on campus. Once home, I settled down at the computer to tackle the online course in web advertising. This is one I'm taking outside of the university in an effort to gain a new certification. I hope it will make me significantly more marketable after graduation.

I put in six hours and covered three modules in the certification course. I think I finally "got" it. Earlier this year, I took a challenging course on web precepts in the journalism department. We learned a popular web design program, Dreamweaver CS3. Well, thank goodness I did that. Had I not had a foundation for this material today, html coding alone would have done me in. In truth, I must admit that I had to replay one of the modules four times before I finally understood a seemingly simple task. I just played the section over and over until, finally, something clicked. When I stopped for the day, I really felt I had accomplished something.

I've said it before and likely will say it again - if I can do this, anyone can.

Tomorrow morning, I am participating in a 5k Run/Walk to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. The event is sponsored by Murray State's study abroad office and I am genuinely happy to do it. Not that long ago I was injured in a car accident and believed I would be crippled. Luckily, time, proper care, yoga, a great chiropractor and faith have me walking - and race walking - again. In fact, I feel healthier than I have in years.

Tonight's blog is short and sweet as the week has been long and I must prepare to be back on campus at 6:30 am.

On this glorious Friday night, I know that I have made it through the first week. Now, the work stretches before me - and so much knowledge. The best part of going back to school is opening your mind to new ideas, technologies, challenges and people.

Get out there and learn something this weekend, even if it is only something about yourself. When we stop learning, we stop living. To life!


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