Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 18 - Slow and steady wins the race

Is it really only Wednesday? I've been at this keyboard for eight hours and I have just about finished the revision of my research vehicle (a survey). It needs a little polish and a second set of eyes, but I made real progress today. I took a short break at noon to re-read the material for a quiz on Social Media Marketing tomorrow, which means I've done what needed to be done for today. It's little by little by little that I am building on the assignments for each of my classes.

Time flies when you are fully engrossed in your work. Now, however, it's time I loosened up. I'm headed to my wonderful Hatha Yoga class tonight at 7:00 at the MSU Wellness Center; it's taught by my friend, Therese Saint Paul. It seems like forever since the spring class ended, and I am ready to see everyone. Not to mention the knots in my neck from hunching over the keyboard. I really need this class tonight, and that's why this post is merely a quickie - with a few miscellaneous items below.

Do you know someone studying abroad this semester?
For anyone with a son, daughter or friend studying abroad this semester or even one recently returned from a summer program, here is a link to an excellent article about "re-entry" into the US. Working over the past few years with study abroad students, I learned how valid these points are and I applaud the young author. Check it out at:
(you'll need to copy and paste the URL into your browser.)

Time for this grad student to stretch, breathe deeply and limber up!



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  1. I understand. Any time you need another set of eyes, I've got a set to lend. I would be glad to review your work if it would make you feel better, even though i'm sure it's top-notch.

  2. Thank you so much, Ronda! I will take you up on that. I'm close to completing the last of the questions and will send the survey your way. It is always so helpful to get another perspective, and especially with a survey. Even one or two word choices can skew the results you achieve!