Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 23 - A day of reflection

Another Labor Day has come and gone. It's been a productive three days for this student, with several high points. I suppose I could regale with stories of my classwork today, but I am feeling more melancholy - not sad or unhappy, just reflective, grateful and thoughtful. Today has been difficult for several people I care about. My heart hurts for a friend and family member who is faced with an impending loss, another recovering from an accident, and the passing of yet another friend.

The longer we are here on this earth, the more frequently we are faced with loss. It is a fact of life, and yes, it does serve to make us wiser, possibly better, human beings. I value life so much more than I did in years past. We are here but for a moment. The only thing I know for certain is that it is important to let the ones you love know that you love them...and not once or twice a year but anytime you have the chance.

A friend of a friend, someone I simply chatted with on Facebook, passed away about two weeks ago. She was such a beautiful person... a good wife, the best kind of friend and a loving mother. She was two years younger than me. I wish I'd had a chance to tell her that she made a difference in my life. It's so easy to get caught up in your own little world and the day-to-day details. In the better version of me, I would always grab that opportunity to tell another person that I cared and appreciated.

Are you or someone you know dealing with loss today? Extend a hand, lend an ear or accept the support you are being shown. It is only human instinct to avoid pain, to turn from loss whenever possible, but we become much stronger when we face it head on. I've long thought it doesn't matter what happens to us in this life, only how we choose to deal with whatever happens. After acknowledging our feelings of loss, we naturally focus on the positive ways our lives have been shaped and altered by each and every person who comes in (and goes out) of our personal space. I recommend celebrating every life instead of simply mourning every loss.

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