Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 38 - Education under water

Always carry an umbrella -
even if the sky looks clear when you leave home. If you plan on spending part of the day on campus, carry an umbrella. There it is, plain and simple. Carry an umbrella. Why oh why do I not take my own advice? I actually said those two dreaded words ..."I forgot." Lame!

As you have figured out, I got caught in the rain today. And not just any rain. It was a torrential downpour that sent little rivers of water across campus so there was no way to walk that your shoes were not completely submerged. In fact, it's still raining two and a half hours later as I write; although I think the end may be in sight.
(And, I'm only mildly annoyed.)

Seriously, the sun was shining when I left this morning. I was feeling particularly serene as I ambled out of yoga class with 15 minutes to spare for my walk to the next class. I had an important quiz at 2:00 pm, and there I was, umbrella-less. I took some comfort in thinking that while I would get wet, at least my waterproof backpack would protect my notes and books. Ha! Not so much.

On the positive side, I aced the quiz, despite a more than drippy demeanor. But still, I am beating myself up over this. I know it's just one more lesson I have not thoroughly learned. At least, if anyone ever asks, I can speak with authority about the level of discomfort involved in sitting through a class soaked to the skin with water pooling in my shoes and dripping from my hair all over the desk. Miserable really doesn't do it justice. So, fellow students and potential students, please, either check the weather report in the morning or carry an umbrella in your backpack!

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