Monday, March 29, 2010

#140 - Why students often make the best teachers

Writing is hard work. Blogging is no exception. Blogging, however, also involves something more. In addition to all the planning, research, execution, and editing, blogging requires "personality."

If you want to be a better blogger, you must infuse each post with a little bit of yourself. Quirks and eccentricities can serve to give your blog the personality it needs, or they can overshadow the writing. It's really about striking the proper balance. Do check out Chris Birk's new article at Copyblogger: How I Became A Better Writer Thanks to Distracted, Hungover College Kids. You'll love the reasoning behind that headline!

This is a post every writer or writing instructor should read. In it, Chris really opened my eyes to the wealth of information I learned from students over the past few months. It's true, my recent three-week adventure in teaching (writing for public relations) simply primed me to receive Chris' words of wisdom. Rest assured, the link above contains some pertinent wisdom for every writer. I could relate my own take on brevity, clarity and content, but I prefer to send you straight to this excellent source.

Pay special attention to the section on Economy of Language.

I know I related to the views expressed in this Copyblogger post...and anyone striving to be a better writer, reporter, or blogger should as well.

You may or may not have noticed by brief absence from the blogosphere for the past month. I took a well deserved break after posting for 130 consecutive days, and I'm back. Starting this week, I plan to start sharing snippets from each of my training workshops on Blogging and RSS, Facebook for Beginners, and the increasingly popular, Twitter Bootcamp. Rest assured, I was busy preparing a wealth of educational copy about social media. next, I'll be sharing it here - in bite sized portions.

Feel free to leave comments below and your social media questions so we can address them in the upcoming posts.

It's all about our Social Media Life!

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