Sunday, August 28, 2011

#153 - 10 Ways to Use Facebook - the Way It Really Works!

According to a recent report from Buddy Media, Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm determines what shows up in users' News Feeds. In order to optimize your Facebook activity to get seen in News Feeds more often, which is obviously going to help with traffic, you’ve got to be diligent and creative.
The thousands of companies who follow the “Field of Dreams” (if you build it, they will come) theory of social media management have learned the hard way that this is merely a dream – it results in zero engagement and a very weak Fan Base.
Here are 10 tips proven to work:
1. Ask plenty of questions (it’s free consumer research)
2. Employ questions, trivia, drawings and contests.
3. Interact with your fans; let no comment/post go unnoticed!
4. Incorporate apps (use that question key, polls, DEALS and coupons).
5. Incorporate more photos and videos.
6. Talk about what’s in the news (relate to what people are talking about).
8. Imply a sense of urgency with time-sensitive material and well planned campaigns.
9. Include links in every status update – so your fans can hit that “share” button!
10. Be explicit in your updates (generic and general get you nowhere).
It's your Fans' page - not yours
By applying yourself and investing in the human capital necessary to create and maintain a robust Facebook presence, you’ll find that just like America’s top brands you can generate more business and engagement by using your corporate Facebook page wisely.
Enjoy your Social Media Life!
Socially Yours,

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