Friday, September 9, 2011

# 154 - Got fans? Now what? Is it time to take your Facebook page to the next level?

Today, millions of businesses have established Facebook pages. But if you’re anything like two thirds of business owners, you’re wondering what comes next. Do you have an actual plan in place for growth?
In counseling small to medium-sized companies about fan base engagement, I hear a common refrain, “I have a good page, I think, but now I don’t really know what to do with it.”

If this describes your corporate Facebook page, then it may be time to start a formal Facebook Review.  Do you need an affordable, professional critique to help you accomplish the four steps necessary to guaranteed long-term Facebook success?

A genuine Facebook Page Review will accomplish this!

1 – Figure out what you’re doing right.  What is working now and has worked in the past?  Gaining the perspective of a professional with an experienced eye for Facebook is crucial.
2 – Determine what can be improved upon.  It’s easy to lapse into bad habits when you’re managing a myriad of social networking sites. You might stray from the path, cease to post regularly, or run out of time to respond to fans in a timely manner.
3 – Put an action plan on paper.  The exercise of writing down the page’s goals and objectives, developing strategies and describing every possible tactic – in writing – actually helps to solidify a clear plan of action that can then be used by any Page Administrator over the long term.
4 – Revise, update and streamline the Page setup and settings.  Facebook has implemented significant changes to pages and Facebook Insights since the beginning of the year, making the final step a critical one, especially for pages designed or populated before December of 2010.  It may be time for the addition of custom Tabs, a Landing Page or Welcome screen, or a number of other graphic changes now available on your page.

Is it time for your Facebook Page Review?
ETC (EveryThingCreative) offers a professional Facebook review for a one-time fee of just $100.  When you engage the service, your page receives a comprehensive critique, a report of all findings and a plan of action. We’ll tell you what you’re doing right and where you can improve.  You’ll receive a clear Plan of Action, in 
writing, and fresh, objective insight from an industry professional.

Choose the right consultant for the task
Consultants generally specialize in a particular area. At ETC, we specialize in all things Social Media-related.  Elizabeth Thomas teaches and specializes in the development and implementation of effective Facebook pages.  Since the birth of Facebook Pages, she’s been researching and experimenting with everything that actually works across all industries - financial services, local businesses, travel and leisure, tourist attractions, publishing and more. 

Success on Facebook involves making a long-term commitment.  More important, it also requires an investment of valuable human capital and time. Undertaking a simple and affordable Facebook Page Review today may help solve existing or impending problems or aid your research into future or alternative plans of action.  In either case, a professional critique will bring new ideas for organization or community page, lessons you can learn from and grow with.
Give ETC a call at 270-227-9790 to discuss specifics and arrange a convenient time for your review and a free consultation.

Your fans are waiting!

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